The meeting will run from (roughly) 1pm to 5pm Eastern on May 24 through May 26. There are a total of 50 scheduled talks (10+3 minutes), two poster sessions, two discussion panels, and two rounds of poster pops. The talks are split 50:50 in time between plenary and simultaneous sessions. Per popular request, Tuesday evening we will be hosting a trivia night. Bring your A-game!

The discussion panels will be held on the topics of career development and public engagement. For our public engagement panel, we look forward to welcoming Mark Newhouse (NOIRLab/Gemini Observatory), Jessie Christiansen (Caltech IPAC/NExScI), and David Kipping (Columbia). For our career development panel, we will be welcoming Megan Shabram (Bountiful), Ian Czekala (Penn State), and Susan Mullally (STScI). Bios for the career panelists are available through this link, and bios for the public engagement panelists are available through this link.

Click here for a web link to the schedule. An embedded version is below. Given the tiny font, this is easiest to read on desktop. is another way of accessing this information.